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January 2019

Articles from three of the speakers at this year's Astrological Association Conference - Garry Phillipson, Alejo López and Nick Oakely-Smith

September 2018

News about the Association's Chart database and Library; a thought-provoking article on house systems; this month's free recording is a talk on Harmonic Astrology.

August 2018

Review of the Astrological Association's fabulous anniversary Conference; Correlation magazine: a special issue on Professor Suitbert Ertel; this month's free recording.

March 2018

This month's articles: Elsbeth Ebertin; Picking the Six Best-Ever Astrological Journal Articles; Astrology and the Tarot

December 2017

The Astrological Association archives; Saturn; chart database

October 2017

Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality; Generations and Planetary Cycles; Time Lords in Hellenistic Astrology

August 2017

Special issue: Looking forward to the AA's 49th annual Conference, with interpretations of the Conference start chart from Melanie Reinhart, Barbara Dunn and Doric Greenbaum.

February 2017

Special issue: Explore the archives of the AA's Astrological Journal, with links to articles by Howard Sasportas, Charles Harvey, Olivia Barclay etc.

December 2016

Articles on: Generation Z; the astrology of social media; the third part of Crystals and Astrology

November 2016

Articles on: the Kepler Project and working with orginal Kepler manuscripts; SEAC 2016; The first astrology textbook. Plus Astrology News

July 2016

An EU special - Roy Gillett looks at the EU Referendum and the history of the Saturn/Neptune square.

April 2016

Three articles on the EU referendum: Britain's Entry into the European Economic Community (EEC) 1973, from the Astrological Journal 1973; Adrian Duncan on the European Union; Sharon Knight on what the astrology predicts for the Referendum result.

January 2016

This month's articles: The Importance of Local Groups; Manifesting your vision under the Saturn-Neptune square; 2016 Can Be Far Better Than Anticipated