A selection of articles & interviews from previous issues of our world renowned Journal


Honouring the Paris Dead (2015)

Roy Gillett on the 13th November Paris attacks

David Tredinnick: The MP Who Stands For Astrology (2015)

Victor Olliver interviews the Conservative MP who is not afraid to express his controversial views on astrology.

Prince George of Cambridge (2013)

by Roy Gillett With the transiting Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer crossing the Sun, Moon and North Node of Prince William's birth chart and approaching the Duchess of Cambridge's natal Moon

A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

by Roy Gillett It has been said that that the passing of great souls disperses their nature so that it enhances the whole of humanity.

South Africa & Nelson Mandela (2012)

by Wendy Stacey From Uranus Square Pluto: New Perspectives on the Current Planetary Line-Up in Mundane Astrology, pp 87-91, by Wendy Stacey

Winter Solstice 2012

by Roy Gillett Due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis and its movement around the Sun, every year the Winter Solstice (21st or 22nd December) marks the end of the darkening of our lives

President Obama's astrological chart for the 2012 election

by Jose Peroumal It is generally agreed by professional astrologers that the slow moving planets are indicators of trends which are likely to affect the native for a sustained period of time, relative to the planets involved

The Hacking Crisis (2011)

Why is the relationship between Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks so close?

Who Was Amy Winehouse?

An astrological obituary by Glenda Cole News of the death of Amy Winehouse at the age of 27 has shocked, but not surprised her fans and the media

2011: A Year of Revolution

Some insights into the astrology of the recent uprisings in North Africa

What are the Prospects for the Euro? (2011)

by Roy Gillett The present panic over the euro is part of a process that exposes intrinsic inadequacy in the modern world economy, dating back its origins in the late 17th century

The Tottenham Shooting and the Riots (2011)

by Ron Howland When Sir Robert Peel introduced the first policemen onto the streets of London in 1829, he was responding to the unfettered criminality then pervading the city

UK Riots - An Astrological Comment (2011)

by Glenda Cole In 1979 a Tory government came in to power, lead by Margaret Thatcher. At the time the UK economy was considered to be facing severe problems

The Last Moments of the Libyan Dictator (2011)

by Roy Gillett Given the emotional intensity of the time, we may never know the exact details of the end of Muammar Gaddafi's life. What is certain is that the astrology clearly shows its trauma and profound nemesis.

Hell in Haiti (2010)

by Jenni Dean Harte Along with a tight Mars-Chiron conjunction in early Capricorn, square natal Saturn, and the natal Sun at 11 Capricorn, Haiti was hit

The UK General Election and New Government (2010)

The astrology of radical change?

The Astrology of 2010

by Alison Chester-Lambert 2010 hit the ground running since most of the major astrological aspects had already been tuning up in 2009

Multiversal News, Actually (2010)

By Jenni Dean Harte Climate change, natural and manmade disasters, economic collapse, depletion of Earth'ss resources, war, terrorism, changing societies and shifting populations. It's been a challenging time

Will Football "Come Home"?

An assessment of England's chances in the football World Cup written in March 2010 for the July/August edition

The Labours of Labour (2009)

by Jenni Dean Hart As above, so below. On 5 June the Sun was at 15 Gemini 07 exactly square Saturn at 15 Virgo 15. Communications and speeches challenged by the details and the facts. This was the scenario shortly before a Full Moon and both the 1801 UK chart and Gordon Brown's

MP's Expenses Row - An Astrological Comment (2009)

by Glenda Cole The astrological precursors of this moment can be found in the Aries Ingress, where we see that the Ingress MC and Uranus are conjunct Mercury whilst


by Jenni Dean Hart (Published 2009) No, I don't think wunch is really a word but is certainly provides a little light relief at a time when bankers and their industry are generally viewed with

Back to the 1920s

by Roy Gillett (Published 2008) Being reminded by a colleague of the German hyperinflation of the 1920s made both of us hurry to the Google search engine for dates and indices

Working With The Planets Jan - Mar 2006

by Roy Gillett Can we turn doom prophecies on their head?

Globalisation and the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction (2005)

By André Barbault When working on mundane astrology and taking a worldwide view of history, one aligns oneself on the consistency of repetitive astral returns such as the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions

Astrological Association Journal Editorial January 2005

by Gerasime Patilas As far as I know Charles Carter was the first astrologer to use a chart drawn for the New Year.

Beyond the Great Fire

by Sue Ward (Based on a presentation given at the AA Conference, Bath Spa, September 2004.) We know too little about William Lilly and his work, but we know enough to avoid constant references to his prediction of the Great Fire of London

William Lilly: The Master Astrologer Returns to London (2003)

by Anthony Demetris On 15 September 2003 at precisely 11:00 a.m. BST a plaque was unveiled in London in honour of the great English astrologer William Lilly

And This Too Will Pass (2002)

by Jamie Macphail DFAstrol This article follows on from an earlier one...which focused on the likely effects of the Solar eclipse on 10 June 2002

The War in Afghanistan: a Third World War?

by Charles Ridoux (Published 2002) Here I present some extracts from a long study, 40 pages, dedicated to analysing the war in Afghanistan

Astrological Association Journal Editorial Nov / Dec 2001

by Gerasime Patilas The week leading up to Tuesday 11 September 2001 and the one following were some of the most traumatic days of my life.

Olivia Barclay, 1919 - 2001

Rohana Darlington remembers Olivia Barclay

The Next British General Election (2001)

by Nick Campion One forecast we can make with fair certainty for British politics in 2001 is that every government action will be greeted as evidence

12th House Rule: A progress report, with particular reference to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (2000)

by Roy Gillett With New Labour now in its fourth year of office and attempts to time and possibly predict the result of the next general election just over the horizon

The Eclipse and the New Millennium (1999)

by Roy Gillett Why is the eclipsed union of the Sun and the Moon on 11th August 1999 "the astrological entry point to the new millennium"?

The Astrological Mirror Game (1998)

by Anna Louise Vance "Show me your company, and I'll tell you who you are" goes the proverbial saying. And other folk wisdom suggests that if you keep company with a wolf, you learn to howl. There is much truth to this

A Business Election

by Constantine Zinoni The election of an auspicious time for any type of undertaking is never an easy matter. More often than not

The Mystery of the Disappearing Agatha

by Loretta Proctor Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. What more exciting and mysterious drama, then, than the actual real-life disappearance of Agatha Christie

The Birthchart Of A Fictional Character

by Sheila Geddes Many times, I have invented a character for a story by working on a fictional ascendant, Sun and Moon.

Harry Potter and the Astrologer's Chart

Neil Spencer investigates the links between star-craft, the famous young wizard, and his creator J. K. Rowling.