41st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association

The World in Transit

18th to 20th September 2009
Wyboston Lakes



Nick CampionNick Campion is the author of numerous seminal works in astrology and Director of the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales, Lampeter

Plenary: 'What Would Kepler Say?'
Conference Talk: 'Let 100 Flowers Bloom'

Frank CliffordFrank Clifford is a consultant astrologer-palmist, has written books on both subjects and runs the London School of Astrology

Conference Talks: 'Fame and Celebrity: The Addictive Commodity of Our Times' and 'The MC-IC Axis: Parents, Path and Profession'

Christine ChalkinChristine Chalkin for BABS. Lifestyle coach and holistic therapist

Student Track: 'Working With the Grand Trine'

Frances ClynesFrances Clynes has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and is a tutor at the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales, Lampeter

Conference Talk: 'Neptune and the New Frontier'

Faye CossarFaye Cossar is an astrologer and therapist of twenty-three years' standing in Amsterdam. Simple, practical and deep is Faye's approach.

Conference Talks: 'The Great Escape' and 'Pluto and his Mother-in-Law'

Pam CranePam Crane has forty years' experience as a counsellor, teacher, researcher, writer, speaker and broadcaster and has broken new ground in 'Inter-Dimensional Astrology'
Plenary: 'Astrology in Transition: Fresh Perspectives on a Holistic Astrology'
Conference Talk: 'I Am Your Transit!'

Gill DorrenGill Dorren for the Astrological Lodge of London, has been studying and practising astrology for over twenty years, was Vice-President of The Astrological Lodge of London and editor of The Astrology Quarterly
Student Track: 'New Dimensions: The Microcosm and The Macrocosm - Astrology, Science and the End of the Long Count of the Mayan Calendar'

Barbara DunnBarbara Dunn for the Qualifying Horary Practitioner, Principal of the QHP, and author of Horary Astrology Re-Examined: The Possibility or Impossibility of the Matter Propounded

Student Track: 'Good Fortune in a Nativity'

Kim Farnell Kim Farnell is an astrologer, researcher, writer, historian and President of the Astrological Lodge of London.
Conference Talks: 'Fiery Travels: the Via Combusta' and 'Barely Legal: the History of Astrology's Relationship with the Law in England'

John FrawleyJohn Frawley is an author and founder of The Astrologer's Apprentice. He teches horary and traditional natal astrology and lectures around the world.
CARTER MEMORIAL LECTURE: 'The Western Tradition in Astrology:What it is. What it is not. Why this matters'. John's conclusions are radically different from the usual view.'

Ed GillamEd Gillam has worked with astrology for seventeen years, most recently exploring its roots in Hermeticism, Neo-Platonism and magic

Conference Talk: 'The Golden Dawn's Esoteric Zodiac: Regulus, Leo and the Cycle of Ages'

Ray GrasseRay Grasse is an author and practising astrologer for thirty-five years and currently Associate Editor of The Mountain Astrologer magazine
Masterclass: Astrology 'Decoding the Zeitgeist'
Plenaries: 'Symbolism, Synchronisity and Mundane Astrology' and 'Astrology in Transition: Fresh Perspectives on a Holistic Astrology'

John GreenJohn Green for the APAI, teaches for the CPA, is on the council for the APAI and is the editor of The Astrological Journal

Student Track:'Families and How to Survive Them'

Rob HandRob Hand is Patron of the Faculty of Astrology Studies, author of numerous seminal works in astrology and founder of the Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts (ARHAT)
Masterclass: 'Dealing with Difficult Chart Combinations'
Plenary: 'Why Astrology is Not a Science and What Needs to be Done to Make it One'