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The Astrological Association is proud to publish two books by French astrologer André Barbault, translated into English for the first time. The books are £12 each, or you can buy both together for only £20.

The Value of Astrology by André Barbault

Published January 2014, 9x6in, 277 pages, perfect bound

The Value of Astrology - £12.00

cover of Andre Barbault book

"Will Astrology be taken seriously at last?"

The first book available in English by this great French master astrologer; The Value of Astrology offers incisive, captivating insights into the origins, classical tradition and modern uses of astrology. It includes:

  • Andre's famous pioneering and rigorous understanding of mundane astrology;
  • An incisive outline of its historical and philosophical importance;
  • Beautiful insight into its relationship with psychology and painting;
  • Clear summaries of attempts to assess astrology statistically.

Drawing on Andre's nearly 80 years with astrology, here is a special opportunity to touch the wisdom of an exceptional human being, who justifiably shows there are irresistible cultural, statistical and mundane reasons to claim, 'Astrology should be taken seriously at last'.

"When the history of twentieth century European astrology is finally written, Andre Barbault will be given an honoured place: over the course of his life Barbault has encountered most of the major astrologers in Europe, including C.G.Jung. This book includes some of his most important writing on astrology's value, nature and significance, developed over more than half-a-century of study, and available for the first time in English." — Nicholas Campion, author of A History of Western Astrology

Planetary Cycles by André Barbault

Published May 2016, 172 pages, 9x6in, perfect bound

Planetary Cycles - £12.00

cover of Andre Barbault book

Drawing on his 80 years research and writing; André Barbault considers the historical records of socio-economic change going back to the pre-Christian era, and then focuses in great detail on the last two to three hundred years; to show how history connects and develops in accordance with the cycles of the outer-planets, triggered by the faster-moving ones. He then goes to make some interesting observations for the future. "Planetary Cycles - Mundane Astrology is both a challenge to astrology's critics, as well as a benchmark of the standard to which mundane astrology should be practised. It brings closer the time when the value of using astro-cycles is respected, as a companion to deepen understanding and clarify judgement, at moments of important decision-making." — Roy Gillett, Editor of the English edition

André Barbault's The Value of Astrology and Planetary Cycles together - £20.00